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Video walkthrough: Cleaning lines with Threshold

Sometimes sprite styles require stark black outlines, and other times artists like to build their sprites from the lines out. This video will show you a quick trick for taking scanned pencil lines or other linework and converting them to sprite size without having to spend nearly as much time as you normally would with cleaning them.

» Video walkthrough: Cleaning lines with Threshold

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  1. Ado says:

    amazing video and saved me a lot of effort
    where is the download link ?

  2. B. Hatter says:

    Where is the download link? I can’t find it.

  3. 1-HunDredd says:

    What program are you doing this in?

  4. Zox says:

    how can i download this video?

  5. Zox says:

    Very good tutorial bro.